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Self-Threading Needle | Size (80 and 90)

Self-Threading Needle | Size (80 and 90)

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Self-Threading Needle Characteristics:

  • Want an easier method to thread the needle rather than being frustrated in inserting it through the eye? Try Self threading needles. It has an almost invisible cut on the side of the needle, and you can easily slide the thread into eye thought this cut. Sheer magic!
  • Design is similar to Universal and is a versatile needle for sewing most woven fabrics.
  • Available in sizes 80/12 and 90/14.
  • Normally used threads in these applications are polyester, cotton or silk threads.
  • Works superbly on modern sewing machines such as Baby lock, Bernina, Bernette, Brother, Elna, Viking, Janome, Kenmore, Pfaff, Singer and more.
  • Caution: Not suitable for Industrial sewing machines because they require needles with a round shank.

Top 10 Sewing Tips:

Tip 1: Needle

  • The Self Threading needle is a Universal needle with an easy-to-thread slot in the eye. You simply slide the thread through the gap placed on the side of eye of the needle.

Tip 2: Needle

  • The needle point is likely to become dull after about 8 hours of sewing. It will begin to make a bigger hole and a “punching sound” making the machine work harder.
  • A needle is the least expensive item in your project. Do not wait for the needle to break. Change to a nice fresh needle after 8 hours of sewing (or) when starting a new project. Your sewing machine will work as it is new!

Tip 3: Needle

  • Home sewing machine needles run at less than 1000 stitches per minute and even that mostly intermittently. Therefore, heat generation will be minimal. Therefore, nickel plating will protect the needle very well. Chrome plating is best avoided because they are hazardous to environment.

Tip 4: Needle

  • Do not use it for quilting as the batting may pull

Tip 5: Thread

  • Reduce sewing speed so the thread does not pop out of the eye.

Tip 6: Needle

  • Not recommended for sewing denim, as the eye structure is too weak

Tip 7: Fabric

  • Avoid using sensitive fabrics because the slot may snag the fabric.

Tip 8: Sewing Problem

  • Skipped Stitches: Check the machine settings (or) thread quality. If you cut about two feet of good quality thread and hold both ends, it must hang in a “U” like necklace.
  • A poor quality needle will not and most likely cause a skipped stitch

Tip 9: Sewing Problem

  • Thread Cut: Beissel needle have a superbly polished eye which is done by deburring techniques. Cheap needles cannot afford this and, if examined under a microscope, will see rough edges in eye. This will cause thread breakage.
  • A damaged shuttle hook or throat plate also will cause thread breakage

Tip 10: Prewash Fabrics

  • Prewash fabrics because they might shrink, chemical colours can run, all these will spoil the garment if washed after the project is completed. 
  • Can also cause Puckering if unwashed.
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