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Leather Needle | Size (70 to 120)

Leather Needle | Size (70 to 120)

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Leather Needle Characteristics:

  • Leather is different. It is a homogenous material. Leather needles has a knife-like point which cuts the leather and does sewing. The incision is at an angle, left or right, and it is normal to use contrast color thread to highlight the stitch.
  • Available in sizes 70/10, 80/12, 90/14, 100/16, 110/18 and 120/20. 
  • Normally used threads in these applications are polyester, cotton or silk threads.
  • Works superbly on modern sewing machines such as Baylock, Bernina, Bernette, Brother, Elna, Viking, Janome, Kenmore, Pfaff, Singer and more.
  • Caution: Not suitable for Industrial Sewing Machines because they require needles with a round shank.

Top 10 Sewing Tips:

Tip 1: Needle

  • Use Beissel 130-705 H L Leather needle for sewing leather.
  • The leather needle point is shaped like a knife and cuts through the homogenous leather easily and precisely. A normal point will cause damage by tearing the leather in many directions without any control

Tip 2: Needle

  • The needle point is likely to become dull after about 8 hours of sewing. It will begin to make a bigger hole and a “punching sound” making the machine work harder.
  • A needle is the least expensive item in your project. Do not wait for the needle to break. Change to a nice fresh needle after 8 hours of sewing (or) when starting a new project. Your sewing machine will work as it is new!

Tip 3: Needle

  • Beissel leather needles cost the same as a normal needle and, therefore, not expensive to use the right needle.
  • It is also available in a wide variety of sizes ie., 70/10, 80/12, 90/14, 100/16, 110/18 and 120/20.
  • Choose the size on the basis of thickness/type of leather and thread size.

Tip 4: Needle

  • Keep number of stitches per inch minimal 4 or 5 stitches is ideal. The hole made in leather is permanent and will weaken the leather.

Tip 5: Presser Foot

  • Use Walking Foot which has an additional set of feed dogs on top of your pressed foot. It will help to sandwich the leather and guide though the sewing machine easily.
  • The best alternative to a Walking Foot is Teflon Presser foot.

Tip 6: Sewing Machine

  • Avoid sewing pins. A pin makes a permanent hole. Sewing clips is the easy alternative.

Tip 7: Sewing Problem

  • Cut one layer at a time. Do not cut more than one layer as you might with cloth because leather does not bend and two layers do no overlap well.

Tip 8: Sewing Problem

  • Use heavy duty thread like polyester or nylon. They will look nice and last long.
  • Never use Cotton as it will be worn out by tan in in the leather.

Tip 9: Sewing Problem

  • Most home sewing machines can a maximum of three layers.
  • Sewing across seams will count as additional layers.

Tip 10: Preparation

  • Do not bother to finish your seams.
  • Leather does not fray over time and so the seam allowances can be simply glued together.
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